Hello friends In my this post I’ve posted many zbigz premium cookies, but these cookie works for only few hours and after some hour it wasn’t work. so I’m posting new trick. with this you can generate your own cookie online free of cost in 2 seconds. this trick is too easy and you don’t need to wait for update from me about new cookie.

so lets start:
  • first of all goto zerobigz.com and sign up there. as shown below:

  • after signup verify your email address.
  • now login to your zerobigz.com account. as shown below :
  • now under tools click on “Multi cookie generator online”. as shown below :
  • in the next page click on “click here for zbigz cookie” link as shown below :
  • Now new window will open in this window click on skip ad buton at right top corner. as shown below:
  • after skipping ad you will see a new page with premium cookie but it will ask you for unlock code (there are two method 1. create account and get unlock code, and 2. hack to bypass unlock code) as shown below:
so here is the method to bypass the unlock code:
  • right click on left top corner of “get unlock code window” as shown in below pic:
  • after right click select “Inspect element” and source code of that window will open at bottom as shown in below pic:
  • now you have to do is just find this lines and delete. as shown below:
    <div id="promo-overlay"></div> <div id="promo-followshows" style="display: block;">

  • now you have unlocked, copy your cookie and enjoy. as shown in below:
if you don’t know that how to use zbigz.com premium cookie then goto following link and see how to use it.