As we all know that torrent sites are the best ever site on the internet to download anything easier and full version. from torrent sites you can download latest movies HD version direct link,latest best quality MP3 songs,Full version PC game with crack,full version software for PC full version.
But there is a problem that downloading speed of torrent in very slow and its now resume able download. so I we can use www.zbigz.com to convert torrent file into direct download link to download this file with IDM or another your favorite download manager.
there is 3 ways to download torrent file with IDM using www.zbigz.com
  • Unregister account (free account but your last downloaded file history not saved and download speed is less)
  • Registered but free account (file history stored for 14 days speed I also slow and maximum 10 GB data)
  • Premium account (fastest speed and unlimited data download).
So here I’m posting trick to get premium account for free. for this trick we are using ‘Cookie’. By using cookie we can get premium account without registration.so follow given steps to get premium account. :-
  • first of all download cookie manager for your browser .

  1. for firefox download from here

(check how to use cookie in firefox here)
  1. for chrome download from here
  • after install open www.zbigz.com and open Edit my cookie as shown in following pic.
  •  click on ‘delete all’ button on cookie manager.
  • after that reload that page and again click on ‘edit my cookie’ icon.
  • now click on ‘PHPSESSID zbigz.com’ as shown in following pic:
  • Now put your cookie in ‘value’ box as shown in following pic:
  • get your cookie from given link :
  • now click on ‘submit cookie changes’.
  • now reload this page again.
  • you are done. as you can see in below pic that its giving 26.4 MBPS speed (but it always shows Premium is off but some cookie will show u premium is on)
In this trick you get premium speed but it will say ‘premium is off’ just ignore this and upload your torrent file and download with IDM.