Windows 10 crash due to Bitdefender Antivirus critical process died error

Bitdefender antivirus not supporting official version of windows 10. **bitdefender **will only work when you are upgrading from windows 8 but before upgrading you have fully updated **bitdefender **then you can use **bitdefender **on windows 10.

But if you have not installed **bitdefender **on old windows before upgrade to windows 10 or you have fresh install windows 10 and after installing windows 10 you try to install **bitdefender **then you windows will crash and never start normally. **bitdefender **2012, to 2015 are not working. but **Bitdefender **team said that they will soon launch **bitdefender **antivirus for windows 10. so for now don’t try to install **bitdefender **on windows 10 otherwise you will brick your windows 10.

But what about those who have already tried to install **bitdefender **on fresh windows 10 and their windows is crashing. so here is solution for this.

Update : Bitdefender 2015 for Windows 10 Latest

How to fix crash in windows 10 after installing Bitdefender :

  1. Try to start windows 10 normally, you will get dead screen with critical error. And windows will restart.
  2. Again start windows 10, after trying 3-4 times you will see automatic repair will start automatically.
  3. Just wait and click on “see automatic repair options” button. (* if you didn’t find this button, then there may other name).
  4. In next screen click on “Troubleshoot”. check in screenshots

  1. Under Troubleshoot options click on “Advanced options”.

  1. In advanced options click on “Start-up Settings”.

  1. Now click on restart button.
  2. Now windows will restart with few options Press 5 to select “Safe mode with networking”.
  3. And your Windows 10 will restart in safe mode select your Account and enter password (* if required)
  4. In safe mode search for “add or remove program” and uninstall Bitdefender Antivirus.
  5. Now restart your PC and windows 10 will load normally.

We will notify you when Compatible version of Bitdefender will release. To get Bitdefender compatible release subscribe to our mail subscription. So we will send you email when it will available.

Thanks for Reading this article. I have faced this issue today so i decided to post it here so you will not stuck in Crash.