Whatsapp group member limit increased to 256 :

Good News for whatsapp group admins. After recent update whatsapp has increased whatsapp group member limit from 100 to 256, so whatsapp group admins can now add morethan 100 members in their group.

Now 256 members are allowed in whatsapp group

There are many whatsapp group which are fully loaded means 100 out of 100 members are added in their groups. So to add new member into their group, group admin need to remove some member to make space to add new members. And that is too difficult to decide which member to remove from group. Maybe you also got removed from some whatsapp group.

But whatsapp increased whatsapp group limit, so now no need to remove old group members because this limit is morethat double of old limit. But after few months 256 will also become less space.

Maybe after sometime whatsapp remove member limit (as they removed payment option, and made whatsapp lifetime free). But for now 256 is efficient for group members and group admins.