Hello friends today I m going to share method to increase ram in your android mobile and tab. So if your mobile have less RAM then you are unable to play games in your mobile, or if you have installed any game then it will work with lags. But games with lag are not so good. Everyone want smoothly play games for their mobile so thay can enjoy that game. For this purpose you need more RAM in your mobile, but its impossible to change RAM in your mobile. So you have another option buy new mobile with large amount of RAM. So mobile phone with large RAM are costly so everyone can’t buy new costly mobile.
So I’ve trick to play HD games in mobile by increasing Ram. Its not actually RAM its swap file.

So what is swap file?

And how it works?

Read both posts to clear your doubt about increasing RAM in your mobile and play HD games. 


  • Rooted mobile (if you haven't rooted your mobile then reed this post to root your mobile)
  • 1 GB free space in your memorycard
  • RAM expender ( you can enter size of swap file. download from here)

  • Swapper2 (you can select size of swap file from given list and max size is 256 mb. If you want morethan 256 mb swapfile then install ram expender instead of swapper2. download from here or Playstore Link)


First of all download and install RAM expender or swapper2 according to your need.

For RAM expender :

  1. Open RAM expender and grant superuser permissions.
  2. Now input size of swapiness (50 to 60 in best for gamers, 10 for.hard multitasking)
  3. Enter.size of.swap file that is 1024 mb for 1 gb and 2048 for 2 gb etc.
  4. Tap on swap button.
  5. Then process will start to create swapfile in your sdcard.
  6. When it successfully created will show on screen successful message with card write speed. 
Recommanded speed is 6 mbps ( faster writing speed give better performance.)

For swapper2:

  1. Open swapper2 and goto settings and then goto swap size.
  2. Select swap file size from list max size is 256 mb.
  3. After selecting swapfile size go back and click on "ON" button.
  4. Then process will start and it will give message creating file fail etc. Ignore that message and wait for successfully create.
It will show "please wait" message on top untill it successfully create swapfile in your sdcard.
So your have done.

Now play hd games. When you play game that game will run in that swap file and doesn't use ram. So you can play games lag free.