Hello friends I m going to share a trick to hide or disable ads from apps in your android mobile and make that app full version. Some free apps are comes with an ad place on it, when you open that app with internet connectivity then see some ads are floating on screen or when you close that app a popup window will open says choose your decision etc. These all are ads which are placed by developers of that app to earn money from that app. And they also  develop a non ad apps but they are paid, and any of you dont want to purchase any app. You need a rooted android mobile or tab.

So there is a trick just download an app lucky patcher from given link below, then install lucky patcher and open lucky patcher. Then it will open list of all installed apps on your mobile and also tells you that which app can be patched for ad removel, licence problem etc. Then open that app which you want make ad free. Tap on patch menu button. And then select remove ads and wait for a while. Amd it will say some success message amd some failure message. Dont worry about failure message. Now open your app as normal app and you will see that your app is now ad free. Enjoy full version of that app for free.
But if you got message all are failure then try same steps again.
So why this app called as lucky patcher?
Because this app patch your app and depend on your luck. Means its not success everytime. But many time it success. When it not success to patch any app then it will show that your luck is 0.00% today. Try next day.
This app also help you to remove licence vetification for free with your luck. Just select remove licence verification from patch menu and you have done if it say success message in any step. Enjoy your app with full version.

Features of Lucky patcher:

You can patch google play store or install moded playstore on your mobile.
Remove licence verigication from purchased apps ot downloaded pro version apps outer from playstore.
Move any installed app to system directory.
Remove ads from free apps.
You can create modified apps from lucky patchet.
Odex all system app with single click.
Deodex all system apps.