Hello friends this is cool tutorial to make Macro lens for your mobile at home very cheap less money needed. And less time needed to make this. As you all know that macro features in smart phones are used to click photos at high zoom which can’t take by simple camera. But macro lens ia comes with costly mobile phones. So there is tutorial to make your own macro lens for your mobile.
Let’s start:

  1.  I know you all are played with laser light toy in your childhood so we use that laser light toy to make macro lens because it’s cheap and you can easily buy from anywhere. But if you have this laser light then you can make it free :p
  2. Now spin off the tip of laser light because we want lens of that laser light toy.

      3.  So remove that gray cover from the tip of laser light that you can see in image below

        4.  So you will find small transparent glass which is our macro lens. Take it.

        5.  Its too small so I prevent it from movement I’ve used hair pin to hold it tightly and used tape to hold hair pin with your mobile.

Remember that lens should be in convex side away from camera and surface camera have to face the camera. And if you are facing problem in focusing camera then your camera has closer than 1 cm or 0.4 cm. but if you take your camera stay away from object then it will never focus that object.
So its simple tutorial to make your own macro lens. Because its small lens build only for laser light to focus light so it only focus objects which are closer than 1 cm or 0.4 cm. you can’t focus objects from long distance. But you can look very deeply inside that object.

With lens

without lens

More images clicked by this macro camera