Hello friends we all know that S60 mobile have ability to minimize any running app and open simultaneously other app, this make our work easier. But in our S40 Mobiles (nokia 2700c,3110c;5130;5310; etc) we can’t minimize our running app so we have to exit that app and reopen after completing our another task.
But I’ve a complete solution to minimize apps on our S40 devices.
so follow my steps or Watch my video below :
  • First of all Download and install jafon your PC from given link.

  • Now download Pkey emulator and run this.

  • Now exit nokia PC suite and connect your mobile via USB cable.
  • in Pkey mulator click on BB5 tab on top as show in following pic.

  • Now check the box says read pp and click on service button at right site of pkey emulator.
  • now it will ask you to save file, save this file on desktop.
  • Now open this file with Notepad and add this lines

[Product Profile RM-XXX]
48 2
(change XXX with RM number of you mobile for example RM number of nokia 2700c is 561 so I wrote this as [product profile RM-561] )
  • Now save this file and in pkey emulator check the box says upload pp, and click on service button.
  • now it will ask you to select file to be uploaded on your mobile, now choose that new file.
  • Now restart your Mobile. and your mobile would say “RDNS mode” with warning, select no.
  • Done.
  • main important task is to modify apps. open your mobile app in winrar archiver and open the folder named “META-INF” as shown in following pic:
  • and open “MANIFEST.MF” file in notepad. as shown in following pic.
  • and add this line at the end of file
  • Save that notepad file by pressing ctrl+s and it will ask for update archive then click on yes.
  • you have  done all steps.
  • now send this new modded app to your mobile and enjoy. same as it is edit all your apps and send to your mobile.
Important Notic :
Apps which are downloaded on mobile could not be open in winrar archive than you have to edit .jad file instead of .jar file. and procedure is same.