Asus LolliFlash AFLU001 Complete Review

Hello guys, yesterday i received Asus LolliFlash and i am very happy to see this in my hand. So yesterday whole day i tested this to post its review on my blog. Its an Amazing gadget Released by Asus which is very helpful for those mobiles which have small flash light or which don’t have flash light. So picture quality for those mobile at night are not so good due to Low light. But this small gadget overcome this problem. And this gadget is universal, means its compatible with all mobile which have 3.5 mm audio jack on Top or Bottom of mobile.

Asus LolliFlash AFLU001 Complete Review

It have rechargeable battery so we can charge it anytime, and if we are outside then we can charge it using PowerBank. Its small and handy so we can take this anywhere inside our pocket and it have awesome look, which looks quiet. Its shape looks like Lollipop, so maybe thats why Asus named this gadget as LolliFlash (Lolli with Flash ).

Some Test results on different devices :-

Asus Lolliflash Review :

Pros (Advantages) :

  1. Dual LED flash light which give more light.
  2. Dual color LED (DUAL Tone LED).
  3. its one LED have 5000K color temperature and other have 2700K color temperature which makes (sunlight effect)
  4. We can rotate this in 360 degree angle.
  5. We can adjust brightness according to our need up-to 3 levels.
  6. Asus stated that we can take up-to 3000 Photos after full charge. (But i haven’t clicked more than 100 photos) LOL
  7. And photos taken by Lolliflash doesn’t gave RED eye.
  8. There are 3 color filers you can check in Pic below. (they are made from rubber ).
  9. There is a small indicator light, at time of charging it stay RED and after full charge it becomes Green. to indicate that its full charged now.
  10. We can use same charger which we uses for our mobiles. (it have micro USB port).
  11. It produce light for great distance.
  12. it have continues light, which means Its light turned On always our eyes not got blinked (but in other mobile which have bright flash light and when we click some images then due to bright flash our eyes got fluctuated).

Cons (Disadvantages) :

  1. Indicator should also indicate when battery is about to die (Battery Low indication).
  2. We can’t control lolliflash from mobile. (Lolliflash stay turned on always, we need to manually turn off after using it). but still its awesome.
  3. Due to continue light it consume more battery.

Other Specifications :

  1. Time to full charge is 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  2. I am testing how much time it works after full charge.

Asus LolliFlash AFLU001 Complete ReviewAsus LolliFlash AFLU001 Complete Review

Asus LolliFlash AFLU001 Complete Review

Asus LolliFlash AFLU001 Complete Review

Asus LolliFlash AFLU001 Complete Review

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Unboxing video :

You can also share your photos taken using LolliFlash on any device you are using. We will post them in Test Result section.