Unlock password protected zip

Hello guys, you are here because you all are suffering from protected zip files and you are trying to complete survey to get password of protected zip file but failed. You have download any cracked software or anything expensive but you got protected zip file and owner of that file said that complete a survey to get password. Owner have protected zip files so users try to complete survey and owner of file got high amount of money. Yes survey site gives money when visitors complete there survey.
So this is headache for you all, also for me but I have found solution for this. But this is working on Linux only. You can use any Linux operating system like Ubuntu,Kali,backtrack, fedora,red hat or else. In this tutorial I am using Ubuntu cause I love Ubuntu and using it from past 4 years. Therefore I m more friendly with Ubuntu. But of you don’t want to install Linux on your System then you can use Linux on live mode. Means no need to install Linux just burn .ISO to disk or USB and directly run into your system.

How to unlock password protected zip files

So if you have configured Linux on your system then follow these procedure:

  • First of all install fcrackzip software on your Linux, if you are using Ubuntu then you can install fcrackzip directly doing into Ubuntu Software Center. And search for fcrackzip
  • But if in your Linux there is no software center then you have to use commands to install.
  • So open terminal and type the following command.

sudo apt-get install fcrackzip


  • Now this will ask you to enter admin password. Fill your password and press enter.

  • So now you have completely installed fcrackzip
  • So again in terminal type the following command to get password of zip file.
  • Use cd command to goto folder where your protected zip file is stored. 

  • And type

fcrackzip -b -c ‘aA1!’ -l 1-5 -u filename.zip

  • Now wait for few seconds and terminal will return a message with password of that protected zip file.

  • In this example i have set “pawn” as password for zip file. and see the result.

How it works?

So in our command we have passed

  1. -b to apply brute force
  2. -c ‘aA1!’ means this will use a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and all symbols to match with that protected zip file.

So when match found using that symbols this will return password for that zip file.
If your password is in simple alphabet them this will take only 2-4 minutes, but if your protected zip file uses all possible symbols them this will take time and it depends on length of password. So sit back and wait for terminal to guess password for you. At this time you can do your work and check after sometime that password is guessed by terminal or not.
Hope you enjoy this post. If it’s really helpful for you then also share with your friends and help then you unlock their password protected zip files.

Note: this will guess password only for zip files. Not tested on other compressed file type.