So I’m going to share this amazing trick with you that how you can post your status via iphone, blackberry if you don’t have iphone or blackberry. From your simple mobile or pc and amaze your friends. And make fun on that. :D
so this is officially provided my facebook and no one knows how to use this so I’m going to share method that how everyone can use this. Basically its done with facebook apps. Creat app on facebook for free below I’ve posted method that how you can creat a facebook page in 1 minute very easy. You can create app name with calculator so when you share your status with that app your status will display as.Its interesting when your friends found that you have updated your status from new Device such as iPhone, your friends got amaze that you have purchased new iPhone. Its too funny by making fun on your friends. You can use prebuild apps as well as you can create your own app, if your desire Device name it not in list then create new App with your desire Device name. 
create new Device help you to increase visitors for your website. Now you will think that how your device help you to increase your website traffic. So when you create new App on facebook then it will ask you for domain and homepage link, here put your website link and done. Now when you update status via your device then your device name will be display on your status and  when someone click on your device name then it will redirect to your website.

via calculator

How to create facebook app :

  1. First of all goto facebook developer page from this link
  2. Click on apps and then select create an app.
  3. Now enter name of your new app and in name space enter anything unique for example “sdjfgsjfsgdfgskjdgklhakl” because its not important part but its required. As shown in below pic.
    update status via any device on facebook
  4. After creating app copy app ID of your newly created app as shown below.
    update status via any device on facebook
  5. So now you have created your facebook app and now work is how to post status via that app.

Now open this link , but before opening this link edit app ID which is highlighted with your app ID.

and you will see this window, update your status and enjoy.
update status via any device on facebook