Play Chess game in Facebook Messenger

Facebook has introduced a game in Facebook Messenger app. In this game you can play chess with your friends who are using Facebook Messenger. This game is also available on Facebook Web version and Facebook app. But instructions are given only on Facebook Messenger app. Because its designed only for Facebook Messenger. To play on Facebook app or Facebook Web version you need to learn about all codes availabe on facebook. And you will not get any help on facebook web version. For proper instructions play on facebook messenger app.

But DownSide of this game is that its command based. Which means you need to pass commands in facebook chat box to continue to play. Its not touch based, so if you touch it will react as an image sent to your friend. So there are several commands available to play this game. I will provide list of all commands available to play this game.

How to play ?

  • First of all open chat (in facebook messenger app) of your friend who is interested to play with you.
  • Now start typing @ sign and facebook messenger app will list all available commnds to start new game.

  • So type “@fbchess play” without quotes and send to your friend. And this will display as shown in below screenshot.

  • And fb messenger will assign you 1 color (white or black) randomly.
  • for help you can type “@fbchess help” and all commands will display in chat screen.

  • So try and find some new Stuffs.