How to post to list of Multiple facebook groups by single post

Good evening readers, in our previous post we have wrote about how you can increase likes on your Facebook page by inviting your all friends in single click. So now i m providing another method to increase Facebook likes and increase traffic on your website.
So this trick is posting page link or website link on Facebook pages, but if you have joined 100+ Facebook pages then it’s not possible to post link on each and every group one by one. And when you try to post your site link on Facebook group then Facebook gives to warning about spam post. So if you post your link ignoring that warning then you will not get traffic on your website.

Do you know why?

Because when someone click on your link then he/she will get a warning about span post saying "This link contain malicious do you want to continue to go to this link on your own risk, or go back." Then visitor will not ignore that ⚠ warning he will click on go back, and you lost your visitor.
So this trick works well in this situation. Actually this trick work on "Post by Email" method. Means you need to write email to Facebook group or groups and your post will posted on all group which you have listed in your email. You can add multiple Recipients in your email, suppose if you have added 100 group email id then your post will be submitted to all 100 groups at same time. Means you don’t need to go to each group and post link.

How to do this?

  • First of all create Gmail account or use your old Gmail account.
  • Now confirm your Facebook account on Gmail.
  • After that join some large groups on Facebook, and wait till they approved you as a member of that group.
  • Now collect email IDs of all groups that you have joined, to find group email id go to any group and check from its username, username should in the following sequence.
So in this case the email id would be "”
  • After collecting email id of all groups, go to Gmail and login with your Gmail account which you have confirmed on Facebook.
  • Compose new mail, in Recipient paste email IDs of all groups.
How to post to list of Multiple facebook groups by single post
Write email to post on groups
  • Write your appropriate subject and paste your link and write something about your post.
  • Now click on send button.
  • Done, now your post has been published.