Hello friends if you are searching for any trick to get free facebook page like,status like,subscriber,photo like, website visitors,youtube views. then try our this tricks.
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how configure??
this trick is so simple. follow these steps :
  • first of all you have to create an account below. Click on following button.
Free Signup
  • After signup click on add site/page button as shown in below pic :-
  • in Type select type that you want to increase (for example facebook page) as shown in below pic :
  • In countries select world wide ( to get likes from every where in the world)
  • In title field fill name of your page or anything you want.
  • in Site/Page URL fill url of your page .
  • leave Total click and Daily click as OFF (to get unlimited likes )
  • in PPC (pay per click) fill 5 (means 5 point will deduct from your account when someone like your page)
  • now click on Save changes button.
Proceure :
after signup login to your account on addmefast.com and click on free points. now click on facebook share. so when you share a page on facebook you will get 9 points and when someone like your page then 5 Points will deduct from account. so main functioning of this site is that you have to like other page to get likes on your page.
after sharing 10+ pages on facebook click on “daily bonus” and you will get 50 points. so share more pages and get more like.
its working very fast. when you share a single page then you will get 2 likes instantly on your facebook fanpage.