facebook messenger web version by facebook

Hello guys good evening to all. Here is good new about facebook. facebook has announced facebook messenger web version. so now you can use facebook’s official messenger which is only available for Android,iPhone and windows Phone now available for Desktop users also. with all features of facebook messenger as Mobile users. No need to download any extra browser. just open website and start chatting with friends.

Its same like as whatsapp web, Facebook messenger web version is compatible with all browsers and all operating system. means you can access facebook messenger web version in Windows, MAC, Linux with any browser Mozilla firefox, chrome, safari etc. if you are affair about that website then you don’t need to worry about it, because its SSL enabled site and verified by  veri sign. Because their are many websites which provide chat feature from facebook, so you dont need to use that third party websites, they steal your privacy. To protect your privacy facebook has announced this web version of facebook messenger.

How to use :

  • Just open https://messenger.com.
  • and Login with your facebook username and password.

  • But if you already signed in on Facebook.com then “continue with your facebook account” button will display. just click on that button and enjoy facebook messenger web version.

  • Now all chat will display on browser, as you seen on facebook messenger mobile.

In this facebook messenger web version you will get all sounds, incomming message, typing sound, sent message sound etc. There is like button same as in mobile. you can directly send you your friends. Send photos, send smilies, send stickers. Download extra stickers. In this facebook messnger web version you can only user chatting you will not able to update status, like or comments friend’s status etc. To update status, see other’s status you need to open facebook.com. this messenger is only for chatting purpose same as mobile version.