Now you can add multiple facebook account in facebook messenger app :

Hello guys if you are facebook messenger lover then this is good news for you that you can add multiple facebook account in facebook messenger app in latest version. Facebook released this version few hours ago and they added an option to add another facebook account.

But this is only available in Facebook Messenger app, not in Facebook App. Now you can connect with your friends easily through your all facebook accounts. Before this feature facebook had added feature to different facebook account which is not signed into facebook app. Means if you have Faceboob App and Facebook messenger app installed on your mobile then you can use different different account on both app. But in new version you can add more than 2 account in facebook messenger.

This update is better than all previous updates. But facebook still missing logout option in facebook messenger app. You can’t logout from facebook messenger. To logout from facebook app you need to clear data of facebook messenger app,but this will reset all other prefferances. But after this update you can remove accounts anytime. But you need atleast 1 account signed in. So if you have added two facebook account then you can remove any of them old account or new account. But you can’t remove both accounts. Because there is no logout option. So to logout you need to follow old trick (just clear data of facebook messenger app from settings of you mobile).

But good news is that adding multiple accounts doesn’t occupy double space. It will occupy 2-4mb only.

How to add multiple accounts in facebook messenger app :

  • Open facebook messenger app and tap on Settings (Gear icon) on top right corner.

  • Then tap on Accounts option.
  • Here you will get list of currently added accounts.

  • To add new Account tap on plus (+) icon on top right corner.
  • Add fill login details and wait for login.

  • Done.