Top ways to earn money online easily

Hello friends this is our first post so I m posting about earning money online without investing money.
So lets start

    Earn from Social network sites :  

      you are thinking now that how we can earn from Social network sites like facebook, twitter, google plus etc. So its different way to earn from facebook. First of all create facebook page and make ot active and told your fans to share and promote your page with their friends. So after hard working you got many likes and a good stand on facebook then you can promote other sites on your page amd you can earn from promoting their page.
        Means everyone.wamt that they have large number of visitors daily. So if you have great stand on facebook then other site owner will ask you to promote their site on your page and they will gibe you money by promoting their site on your page.
        You can use this method on twitter,google plus and other social network sites as well.

          Blogging : 

             this is well known method to earn money online but you have to work hard on your blog to earn more money. For this method you need to create unique and quality product that visitors will come on your site,  and if you have great amount of visitors on your site then you will get more money.
              To earn money from your blog you need ads from google adsense,infolinks,chitika etc.
              So first of all create free blog on blogger
              Com now choose best SEO optimized template. 
              And post unique and quality posts on your site.
              Promote your site on facebook and other social networking sites.

                PTC and PPV sites : 

                   this is great way to earn money. In this method you need to click on some ads from some PTC sites. They will give you ads,mail,banner,message,video etc. just open any PTC site and click on ads which are assigned to you by this you will get some cent money, with max clicks you can earn dollers with just watching ads amd click on that ads. So simple.So promote their content on your site and you can earn money from this. But in this method earning is less but your balance will take less time to payout.

                    So by these methods you can start earning money at Home at 0 investment
                    So this is great and easy way to earn money online. Some PTC sites are pays $0.02 Per click amd you can find another on google just search for PTC sites.
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