Hello friends Microsoft has released new version of windows, windows 10 its update version of windows 8.1 but it’s in beta stage and they provide us Technical preview for testing purpose only. There are many features included in this version and because its beta version so Microsoft providing regular update with latest patch and fixes.
But if you are using slow internet connection then it’s not possible to update windows regular. And you can’t stop windows update when it’s under process so better option is to disable windows update from setting. But unluckily you can’t change windows update setting in windows Technical preview. But if windows update is enabled then it will automatically start downloading Microsoft products like MS office, MS windows and other apps. Which makes your internet very slow and you got very slow speed for browsing.
So here is a tweak or you can say trick to change windows update setting. Want to know that how to do this?

Then follow these steps:

  • First of all open “Group policysetting”, to open group policy setting go to start and then in search box type “group” and in result list you will see edit group policy on the top. Click on it.

  • Now go to this path

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update.

  • At this path you will see a list at right side. There you will see "windows update". Double click on it to manage settings.

  • Now choose "enabled" under “Configure windows update
  • And under choose 5thoption “Allow local admin” as shown In Screenshot.

  • Now click on apply and ok.
  • Now go to windows update setting and now you can change windows update setting.
Watch this video Tutorial if need help