Hello guys nowadays everyone have smartphone and we all use mobiles to browse internet, but sometimes we browse

Share links from PC to mobile using QR Code

some websites or links on our pc and sometimes we want to open that same link in our mobile. So we manually enter the whole website in mobile browser,which is to boring and time consuming.

Or we uses an alternative way, which is just send that link to your Facebook friend and then open that link from your mobile. Its great way to share tour pc link in your mobile.

But we are giving you a great way by which you don’t need to send links to your friends or any other social site. Yes this method is based on QR code scanning techniques.

What is QR code

QR code is an encrypted way to share information. This is basically black and white image with vector lines and dots. In QR code we can store large and secure information. QR code uses less space so we can store more information on small pages. Example of QR code is your Aadhar card. In your Aadhar card there is QR code present in which your all information is stored,you can scan that code and read information behind that QR code.

How to read QR code

There are many Android apps are available which uses your camera to scan and decrypt QR code. No need to purchase extra hardware to scan QR code.

So how can we use QR code scanning to share links from PC to mobile

Follow steps in PC : 

for Google Chrome users :

  1. Install QR code generator plugin in Chrome or firefox.

Share links from PC to mobile using QR Code

  1. i have already installed QR Code popup.
  2. So open any website and click on QR code icon on top-right corner.

Share links from PC to mobile using QR Code

  1. Now new popup window will open with QR Code of current page.

Share links from PC to mobile using QR Code

  1. Scan that QR Code from your mobile using any QR code scanner app available on Google playstore for free
  2. Now you will get URL in mobile.

for Mozilla Firefox users :

  1. if you are using Mozilla firefox that install QRLink Maker plugin.
  2. Now open any website which you want to share to your mobile.
  3. Right click any whare and select Make QR .

Share links from PC to mobile using QR Code

  1. Now popup will open with QR code of current page.
  2. You can also share custom link, just right click on any link and select make QR.
  3. Now open QR Barcode scanner in Android mobile. and scan that generated QR code.
  4. Now you will get URL in QR scanner app and choose what you want to do with that link.

Thats it, you are done. if this helpful then share with your friends too.