adb over wifi without usb

adb over wifi without usb

Hello guys if you are using mobile ADB instead of emulator for developing android apps , or just wanna use ADB commands on mobile from PC then you need to connect your mobile to PC and configure ABD drivers for your mobile, without drivers you can’t use  mobile ADB. that is limitation of windows that you need to configure drivers for new devices, but if you don’t have drivers and not found drivers for your mobile over internet then what should you do?

So to use ADB over wifi you only need an android app installed on your mobile which is 54kb only in size. and you need to configure ADB on PC, i m sure that you have configured 

So no need of drivers to use mobile as ADB on PC, and you can build your Android app efficiently, cause ADT emulator consume a lot of RAM which may slow down your PC or laptop. Therefore solution for this is using your Android mobile as ADB.

How to configure ?

for this procedure your mobile and PC should be connected to same wi-fi network.( if you are using Laptop and don’t have wi-fi then install connectify on laptop , create hotspot usingconnectify and connect your mobile)

on mobile :

  • first of all configure tool on mobile, install this app from playstore
  • After installing this app, long press on homescreen and select widgets.

  • tap on ADB over Wifi to create widget on homescreen.

  • Now settings will open just scroll down and tap on OK

  • now you have configured ADB on mobile to turn on ADB just tap on ABD widget on homescreen and this will show you IP address and Port. (* that ip and port help us to connect to PC in my mobile ip and port , for example that is my ip and port )

Now come to PC :

  • if you have configured ADB on your PC then its too good if not configured then download ADB from this link (* 500 kb only).
  • Extract adb to files to a folder and open that folder.
  • now press and hold shift key and right click on empty place on that folder and select open command prompt here.

  • Now CMD will open and type adb connect ipaddress:port (* for example adb connect )

  • and press enter wait for few seconds and this will display message connected.

  • Thats it you have done.

if in eclipse you are getting error No active device found that open CMD again and again type adb connect your ip:port command. Now enjoy ADB wirelessly no need to carry USB cable every where.