New CM 12.1 rom Review

Hello Zenfone 5 users. If you are rooted and happy to try new Custom roms. Then you had used CM 12.1 rom by KnownNull , RR Rom (Resurrection Remix Rom). But RR rom has some bugs which can be neglect. There are some minor lags but they are too annoying some time. So there is a new rom created by dgadelha which is currently far better than RR rom. Which is almost bug free but developer is still trying to make it completely bug free. But its stable and best for daily use without any lags. Battery backup in custom roms are far batter than Stock lollipop rom. In Official lollipop rom battery backup is so poor. So who haven’t tried any custom rom then I suggesting them to use this latest CM 12.1 rom which is created by developer dgadelha. Developer have listed some bugs with solutions.

Cm 12.1 by dgadelha for Zenfone 5 Review

Review Given by Faiz Kazi :

  • No Lags. : As previous ports of CM based rom for Zenfoen 5 have some minor lags, which are fixed on this latest CM 12.1 rom by dgadelha.
  • Audio/Video Synchronize Properly Fixed in Latest version of this rom. (In RR based rom there is Audio/Video sync problem, which means when you play online videos then you’ll hear voice first and then video. Which means voice of online videos are not properly synchronized.)
  • Good Battery Backup : Battery backup is far batter than Stock (Official) Lollipop Rom.
  • Good Gamming Performance.
  • No Auto Screen Off problem. (if you had tried RR based rom then surely you faced Auto Lock issue while using 2G internet).
  • No Freeze after all issue. (this bug is found on some version of RR Rom)
  • To change themes you need to use Melior UI app which is inbuilt (No need to use Theme chooser app).
  • Best for Daily use.

Cm 12.1 by dgadelha for Zenfone 5 Review

Missing Features :

No DT2W feature (those who don’t know what is DT2W then DT2W stands for Double Tap to Wake, this feature is use to turn on screen by tapping two times on screen when device is locked. No need to press power button to wake your device)

Solution : To get DT2W feature on this rom you can flash other kernel from RR rom or any other kernel. But maybe SD Card will not work after flashing kernel. So if you don’t have SD card then this will helpful for you. (But we are testing other kernels, and I will update this post and will give link for kernel which works fine.)

update : flash this kernel from TWRP recovery to enable DT2W feature in this kernel and SDCard also working.

Bugs and their solution :

  1. Cellular network does not work after turning off Airplane Mode (same for after coming back from QuickBoot)

Workaround: Do a (fast) reboot

  1. Video recorded in 1080p lags

Workaround: Record videos in 720p quality

  1. Snapchat face effects lags (probably because of Camera lag)

No Workaround

  1. ASUS PC Link does not work

Workaround: Try a similar application.

  1. GPS does not work

Workaround: Try using A-GPS/Mobile Location

  1. FM Radio does not work

Workaround: Try using TuneIn Radio, a lot of local radios are already there

Cm 12.1 by dgadelha for Zenfone 5 ReviewCm 12.1 by dgadelha for Zenfone 5 Review