Is fake traffic of Autosurf good for website or not ?

Hello readers, today i will discuss about traffic sources. In this post i will tell you advantage and disadvantage of fake traffic to your website. So lets talk about traffic sources. So there are two type of traffic sources.
  • Legal (Genuine).
  • Illegal traffic or Autosurf.
Legal traffic: is basically visitors come from search engine like Google,bing etc or from social network site like facebook, Google plus,twitter etc. They help us to build great traffic sources for free and help us to increase site rank in Google and site listing in Google search page. If your website is not publicly shared on social network site then you will not get more traffic sources to your website. So its important to share your contents on social network sites to that Google search page fetch your data and you get more traffic. this is ways to improve website traffic.

Fake traffic or Autosurf: that traffic comes from some websites which provide thousands of visitors to your website. Some of them are paid but some are free. That fake traffic just enter in your site for few seconds and then leave your site. They don't click on ads. You cam finds many website which provide free traffic to your website. This help in increasing traffic to website.
Is fake traffic of Autosurf good for website or not ?

Advantage of Autosurf:

  • Help us to improve site rank.
  • build website traffic
  • more website traffic
  • website traffic optimization
  • web traffic generation
  • Help improve site listing on Google search page.

Disadvantage of Autosurf:

  • That traffic is not good for adsense. If you have enabled adsense ads on your site then avoid these type of traffic.
  • Google AdSense detects that type of traffic and can BAN ads on your site.
Conclusion: This help you getting traffic to website. but use these type of traffic if you haven't enabled ads from any network on your site. By using these traffic you will see difference in site listing within few days. So think before using that type of bots or site to generate traffic to your site. And if possible then choose paid traffic which prevent your site being blacklist in search engine.

Thanks for Reading. Do share with your friends. And aware them.