Modded gravity box for zenfone mobiles

Hello guys I have modded original gravitybox sources and added compatibility to support status bar tweaks on all zenfone mobile. Now almost all mods are working on zenfone mobiles also.
You all know about gravity box which is a great tool to modify your android mobile. Gravity box have all mods to activate some extra features on your android mobile. GravityBox is great tool but unfortunately it’s only working on AOSP, or Cyanogen mod roms. But if you have modded version of Android like Touchwiz in Samsung, Miui in xiomi, ZenUI on Zenfones etc, these are modded version of android, these companies has added some extra features and UI in android system therefore these android are not supported by Gravity box. Developer of gravity box said that he will only make gravity box for AOSB, or other original android roms.

So I have modded Gravity box from gravity box sources and added compatibility to work with zenui so this gravity box will work with All ASUS mobiles. But some mods are currently not working like changing battery style, network speed meter etc. But most of the mods are working like charm.

Below mods are working tested by me:

  • Notifications Headup
  • Changing color of status bar
  • Making notification bar transparent
  • Lollipop wifi and network icon.
  • Data activity icon
  • And more test by yourself.



What’s not working?

  • Wait for next update for their fix.
  • Network speed meter (alternatively you can use omzen)
  • Clock style (alternatively use superpoxy)
  • Quick settings (use superpoxy)
  • Battery icon
  • And test by yourself and report what other not working which you want.

Some mods are not working due to lack of sources of zenui. Sources of zenui is not given by ASUS. If ASUS will release sources then that will be easy to make more mods and make these options fully working in gravity box.