For Zenfone 5 users : if you are on Latest Lollipop rom and using my method to install Xposed framework on your mobile using TWRP. But when you trying to flash suddenly you got an error.

Error Flashing file : error executing updater binary.

And when you try to restart your mobile normally then your mobile got into bootloop. And you tried to factory reset, but same your mobile still in bootloop.

So there are some questions in your mind :

  • Why i got this error?
  • Why my mobile got into Bootloop?
  • Why my mobile not starting even after factory reset?
  • How i can recover my mobile?

So here is answer :

  • You got this error because your mobile’s System memory is full. (cause latest lollipop firmware is bigger in size).
  • Your mobile got into bootloop cause Xposed replaced some system files but unable to replace all files due to low memory space in system memory.
  • Your mobile not starting even you factory reset your mobile because Xposed replaced system files, And factory reset will only erase DATA, and CACHE partitions. System partition will remain same.
  • So to recovery your mobile without factory reset, just delete some system apps and Install Xposed framework again and restart your mobile.

How to do this ?

If you are in bootloop then follow below procedure :

  • Long Press power button to completely turn off your mobile.
  • Now press and hold volume up and power button to open Fastboot (Bootloader).
  • Select recovery an press Power button (to restart your mobile into TWRP recovery).
  • Now in TWRP recovery goto “Mount” and “Tick/check” system (to mount system partition).
  • Now come back and goto “Advance” and then goto “file manager”.
  • Now you are in root with Root permissions.
  • Scroll down and select “system”, then select “apps”.
  • And delete any unwanted app from here , for example delete “Google+” app. which consume 40+ mb of system memory.
  • So now 40+ MB free in system.
  • So come back. And flash Xposed again from TWRP. (no need to restart TWRP to flash Xposed).
  • After flashing Xposed , you will get successfull message.
  • Now restart your mobile normally.
  • Done.

How to install Xposed framework on Asus Zenfone.

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