NTFS support in Asus and other Lollipop Devices

After Lollipop update NTFS OTG not working, Due to privacy. I am using Asus Zenfoen with Lollipop and in this mobile NTFS OTG drive not mounting, when i try to mount NTFS OTG it shows Blank Storage device or Unsupported file system. And when i click on that blank storage notification, mobile will ask to format that drive but instead of formating that NTFS OTG, mobile format your SDCard without warning and you will lost your whole data stored in SDCard. Becasue it happend with me. So don’t try to format OTG otherwise you will lost your data.

But you can access that NTFS OTG in ES File manager. ES Filemanager have extra libraries which mount that NTFS OTG inside ES File Manager. So you can perform all tasks like copy,cut paste etc. But OTG is only accessible in ES File Manager.

So you can fix this Problem by using an Android app, but this requires Root permissions in device. And this app is also developed by Chainfire (who developed Super SU to get Root permissions in mobile). So this app will download and install all required Libraries which are missing in Stock Lollipop Kernel. Which help our device to mounth NTFS OTG drive. This method is 100% safe and risk free. You dn’t need to worry about that your data will be lost from OTG or SDCard. In this app you just need to mount that NTFS OTG drive. And you will be able to access OTG anywhere in your device. And no PC required for this task.

How to enable NTFS support in Android Lollipop Devices :

  1. Download StickMount App from playstore.
  2. After installing this app open it, so this will finish configuration.
  3. Now plug your NTFS OTG to your Mobile and mount OTG in StickMount.
  4. Done.


So by this app you can enable NTFS support in asus zenfone and other lollipop devices.