[No Survey] OGWhatsapp latest march 2015:

[No Survey] OGWhatsapp latest march 2015
Hello friends as you know OGWhatsapp is modded version of Whatsapp to use two whatsapp account on same mobile. you can get OGWhatsapp latest march 2015,but Whatsapp has launched latest version on 2 March there for old version of OGWhatsapp need to update to work. But unfortunatly owner of OGWhatsapp has deleted OGWhatsapp from playstore so we cant update OGWhatsapp to latest version, and without updating to latest version we cant use OGWhatsapp on our mobile. So there is solution of problem, Someone else made new version of OGWhatsapp from sources of latest Whatsapp.
OGWhatsapp have all features of Whatsapp but just libraries and package of Whatsapp is renamed to OGWhatsapp so this will not conflict Whatsapp configuration. and you can run Whatsapp and OGWhatsapp simultaneously without getting any problem. But OGWhatsapp is based on older version of whatsapp which dont have whatsapp web feature, that means you can't use OGWhatsapp for whatsapp web .

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And also you can't use Whatsapp call feature in this version, because whatsapp call feature is only available in whatsapp version 2.11.561. Now you can say that this OGWhatsapp can be used for chatting perpose only if you have two sim. confirm your main mobile number on Whatsapp and new number in OGWhatsapp so you can only reply to your friends.

So in order to run OGWhatsapp in your mobile you need to uninstall old version of OGWhatsapp (due to signature changes).

  1. Download and install OGWhatsapp from link below:

  1. Now open OGWhatsapp this will look like whatsapp , and ask you to Enter your mobile number Enter your mobile number as confirm it. (same like as whatsapp)
  2. Thats it. Now you use Two accounts at same time.
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[No Survey] OGWhatsapp latest march 2015

  1. first open original whatsapp which u downloaded from playstore or somewhere and register your number in original whatsapp
  2. once registered simply send just 1 msg to someone and take conversation backup in setting chat setting backup conversation
  3. after taking backup go to file manager and copy the contents of whatsapp folder and paste in your 2nd whatsapp folder
  4. then register the number in 2nd whatsapp and it will ask you to restore message just restore it
  5. thats all have a great day

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