Hide whatsapp images from gallery no root

Hello guys now days everyone is using whatsapp, and every day you download many videos and images from whatsapp, but images are personal or adult which you don’t want to show to others or children. Because if you have joined whatsapp groups then you will receive hundreds of images daily. Its not easy task to delete images daily or lock particular images. So here is method to hide whatsapp images or particular images and videos from your gallery.

If you use any locker to lock or hide whatsapp images or other folder then whatsapp will not recognize that images and Whatsapp will create new folder named images and save new images. Now that is again a problem. So there is solution for this problem.So now no need to download apps to hide images that apps uses large amount of RAM cause they are running in background which may slow down your android mobile. if you have low RAM available on your mobile then its impossible to use any locker. so try this method and enjoy.

How to hide images?

  • First of all open any file manager in your mobile. Batter is to use ES file manager.
  • Goto options and select show hidden files option, click on it and this will show on.

  • Now open whatsapp folder and goto this path Media > WhatsappImages

  • Here you can see all images which you have received on whatsapp.
  • Click on new option and select file.

  • In file name enter “.nomedia

  • Now close es file manager and open gallery now whatsapp images will not show in gallery.( *to show again just delete “.nomedia” file.)

  • In this way you can also hide other images from gallery.

This procedure is 100% safe and working on all version of android. And this will take just 1-2 minutes and save RAM.