Hello guys,

Whatsapp old text status is coming back along with new Image,Gif and video status. but this is in beta state. which means whatsapp developers are testing this feature.


If you are one of them who are not happy with whatsapp new Status.

then don’t worry, whatsapp rolling out Old style whatsapp status along with new style whatsapp status, so now you don’t need to update your status daily. Because this is new feature so whatsapp developers are testing both status styles together, if you also want to get that feature then you can signup for beta tester for whatsapp, so you will also receive future beta versions of whatsapp and you will be able to taste latest features before whatsapp officially launch them.

This will be cool when both whatsapp status versions will be there in same version. As of now some users are installing old whatsapp to get old style whatsapp staus and there is also another way to get old style whatsapp status on latest version of whatsapp, but to enable that feature you need to root your device. so its better to wait for whatsapp to rollout latest whatsapp with both whatsapp status style or join for whatsapp beta channel.

To join whatsapp beta channel you don’t need to do anything advance, just follow below steps :

  • Goto playstore and search of Whatsapp and open whatsapp page.
  • There it will show to options “UNINSTALL” and “OPEN”.
  • just go down to bottom of page and you will see link for joining beta channel of whatsapp.

link for joining beta channel of whatsapp

  • just click on “I’m IN” button and then playstore will start processing your beta joining request.
  • wait till playstore register you as beta tester, you will get mail when registartion will complete, otherwise you can go on whatsapp page on playstore and click on “UPDATE” button.

wait till playstore register you as beta tester wait till playstore register you as beta tester

  • and thats it, you have now beta version and both whatsapp status styles are there, enjoy this combine feature.


Features of latest Whatsapp beta :

  1. Old style whatsapp status and new Image,Gif and video status together.
  2. “create new chat” floating button on conversation screen.
  3. “type a message” in rounded view.
  4. “add Attachments” at bottom of screen.
  5. separate “Audio call” and “Video call” button
  6. search and send gif directly from whatsapp emoji screen.