Top best vpn app for android free

Top best vpn app for android free

Here is lis of the best vpn app for android. which are free and paid too.

Whats is VPN :

VPN is like gateway. It provide virtual network and hide our IP address so we can access internet without sharing our identity. We can change our current IP address to USA or something else’s IP address, so if someone will try to find our IP address then he will get fake IP address of USA or other country.sometime we use VPN to access free internet on our mobile. maybe you have heard about free VPN trick to access free internet. this will work with the help of VPN.

There are also some voip vpn are available they help us to hide our privacy over the internet calls. VPN are available for all platforms like windows, Andorid, Linux, MAC etc.

here is list of the best vpn app for android :

Hotspot Shield :

hotspot shield is free app which provide ability to change our IP address to different countries. It helps us to protect our privacy and help us to browse internet anonymously. It provide list of working IP address by country name so you don’t need to check each IP manually. it will connect you to best IP of that country.

But in free version 3-4 countries are available. so if you want more than 4 countries you need to upgrade to pro.

Top best vpn app for android free

VPN Unlimited :

This is premium VPN pack but they also provide free version. And it is also available for all operating system.

Top best vpn app for android free

DroidVPN :

This VPN is mostly used to byepass network check to access free internet on your mobile.It also provide list of free server. For premium server you need to upgrade your plan. And to use this VPN you need to signup first and you will get only 100MB browsing daily.

Top best vpn app for android free

TroidVPN :

This is same as droid VPN and it also gives 100MB per day to free users. but in troid VPN we don’t need to signup. there is already a free account connected.

Top best vpn app for android free