What is Root, Advantages and Disadvantages of Root

What is Root, Advantages and Disadvantages of Root
Hello readers, here i m going to discuss about Root. You all are thinking that what is rooting a phone. When someone ask me about that there phone is lagging too much, want to delete system apps, increase RAM etc. Then i suggest them that Root your mobile. They they ask me back, what is root?, how to root?, is there any problem after root
So here i m gonna write all about Rooting an Android.

Lets start

Root is special permission to our android mobile to access system Area in your mobile or tablet. Android is part of linux operating system and there is a permission by default called SU or SUDO that is Root. (Not understand? Then leave this line).

By Root you change font,you can increase RAM, increase internal storage, Delete system default apps,Block ads in your mobile,modify your mobile, Theme your mobile, install custom ROM in your mobile.

There are 2 methods to Root your mobile.
  • Without Computer You can install app called framaroot to root your mobile. If you are unable to root your mobile then use with computer method.
  • With computer i found a great tutorial to Root each and every mobile easily without mobile drivers. Means you need to just install Vroot software in pc ,connect your mobile and root it. Watch video below for complete guide to Root your mobile

So now you have rooted your mobile successfully. ( *I will write in next post about Awesome apps to customize your mobile with root.)
So now let me tell your about pros and con's of Root.

  • By Root you can change fonts in your mobile.
  • You can use your memory card as a RAM to play heavy games.(but its not actual RAM its just swap part, and is slower then RAM speed)
  • You can install custom ROM goto xda forum for more help about custom ROM
  • You can customize your mobile using xposed app.
  • You can enable all unsupported languages in your mobile Download this app from Playstore.
  • You can create backup of your apps with there data (use titanium backup app).
  • You can increase Speed of your Mobile.
  • You can create backup of full ROM (full Android), in case when your mobile got bricked/ damage,you can restore your backup and your mobile come to previous state.

What is Root, Advantages and Disadvantages of Root

    • Your single mistake can brick (temporary damage you can Unbrick your mobile easily :D ).
    • You can access to system partition so if you delete some required system apps then it may cause freeze your mobile, or your mobile will not work.
    • Root will avoid your Warranty (but you can got back your warranty by Unrooting anytime )
    • While changing fonts if you have installed wrong fonts your mobile got damage (but you can recover your mobile later)