Enable init.d support on any Android Mobile

Hello guys, I m here with another tweak for Android mobiles. This post is only for Super users. Means proceed to this post if you are rooted your mobile, or if you are thinking about rooting your mobile then read this post to Root your mobile. If you don’t interested in rooting your mobile then leave this post. Thank you.

So let me explain about init.d support. init.d is basically a trick to support sh scripts on your android mobile on start-up. When any android mobile starts first of all it loads init.d scripts if exists, and then proceed to booting process. So if you have enabled init.d support and you have put init script to speed-up startup process of your mobile. then when your mobile start android will search for init.d folder, if OS found init.d folder then this will search for any script installed in init.d folder and execute that script. In this way you can enable many tweaks without using any app. init scripts run on background and doesn’t consume RAM and its only in bytes in size, that is main benefit of using init scripts instead of Apps.

Now you are thinking about what is sh script and how it works, sh scripts are Linux scripts with commands. you can found many init scripts on internet and I ll also provide you some init scripts. init scripts are more effective than any app. if you are using any app to speed up startup time of your mobile then that app start running when your mobile start. but if you use init script to speed-up startup time then init script execute first.

Which init scripts are available :

  1. RAM booster
  2. Cache cleaner
  3. Startup speed optimizer.
  4. Touch Response optimizer
  5. swap system partition. (that is awesome script which swap system memory to your SDCARD, so if you have less phone storage in you mobile then use this script and use sdcard and phone storage. this is more useful for old mobiles which have only 100mb inter memory and 200mb system memory. so by using this script you can increase Internal memory from 100 mb to 1GB or more according to your need.)
  6. WIFI optimizer.
  7. wi-fi sleeper.
  8. Battery optimizer.
  9. free up more memory.
  10. GPU Rendering
  11. SDCard boost.
  12. Increase SD card Read/Write speed
  13. loopy smoothness tweaks
  14. Zipalign
  15. Sqlite optimize.
  16. DNS optimizer
  17. Governor tweaks
  18. Kill media server.

So how to enable init.d support ?

  • So now you are rooted, and install busybox, and Terminal in your mobile. and proceed to next step

  • Download init.sh.zip file from link below and extract into sdcard.


  • Now copy init.sh file to “/system” partition as shown above.
  • Now open Terminal app which you have downloaded earlier, and type

su and press enter
then allow superuser permissions.
now type “ cd system
now you are in system folder so type “ sh ./init.sh” and press enter

  • Now follow On screen Instructions
  • And done.

Now you have enabled init.d support in your mobile and you can find init.d folder in “/system/etc/” folder. So if you found any init.d script then paste this init.d folder and set its permission to “777” means check all permissions. and Restart your mobile and your script is enabled now.
But if you don’t set right permission and restarted your mobile then correct permissions will set automatically because in init.d folder there is a script called fixperms which set correct permission on every restart.
So Enjoy tweaks on your mobile. here is my collection of init.d Download from below link.


Great thanks to Ryuinferno @ XDA member for making this script.

Note : use these scripts on your own risk, if you have used any script which disable boot or any app which requires at startup this may cause bootloop.