How to limit internet data usage to specific apps

How to limit internet data usage to specific apps

Good evening guys, Now days everyone is using Android mobile so you are also facing problem of background data consumption. Means if you have limited Internet data usage and your data balance end very fast. The main reason of this problem is that their are several services which are running in background. Some services like Google play services, Facebook, whatsapp and other apps which are running in background and uses your internet. which cause your data usage end faster than other small mobiles. Thats the reason why mobile internet pack consume faster in Android mobile than other small mobile. Their are many ways to limit internet data usage like

  1. Force close that apps which are running in background
  2. Use greenify to hibernate system apps
  3. Or you can use Android Firewall to limit internet data usage to some apps.

In this post I m talking about Android firewall, Android firewall is same as windows firewall, it blocks connection for specific apps, so that those apps will not connect to internet or WiFi. You can choose which apps can access Mobile data and which can WiFi. It is also helpful when you want to stop receiving whatsapp or Facebook messages when your friend is using your mobile. So you can say their are many advantages of using firewall in your mobile. If you have activated whatsapp pack then your Internet data can also be used by other apps, means you can also use Facebook, Google playstore on whatsapp plan but those apps uses maximum Internet. So you can stop that apps from using your mobile data. You can create different profiles as per your use. so you don’t need to customize setting to block apps. create new profile allow or disallow some apps and save that profile. And when you need activate that profile and done.

How to use Android firewall ?

  • Download Android Firewall from Below Rooted and UnRooted (without Root) versions.

Rooted version from here
No rooted version here .

  • Now open **Android firewall **and select Profile 1.

  • and choose which app you don’t want to share Mobile network and WiFi Internet.

  • After selecting some apps tap on options and select save rules.

  • Now your profile is saved to start limiting tap on Enable firewall option.

  • and done. Now exit Android firewall and done.

If you want to limit internet data usage only for mobile data then select all apps for WiFi.