How to Enable Merged tab in latest Google chrome

Hello guys !!! Google had launched a new feature in Google Chrome that is called as Merged Tab, which is only available on Android Lollipop and higher version of android. but in new update google again removed this feature. This feature is awesome and some of us like this feature as well. Those who haven’t updated their google chrome because they don’t want to lose this merged tab feature, they can now update their google chrome to latest version because i have fix for this feature. By using this module you can turn on Merged tab on latest google chrome.

What is Merged tab in google chrome ???

Merge tab feature will move Google chrome’s tabs into recent task. which means Merge tab feature removed tab switcher in google chrome so now you can switch tabs from recent task.

How to enable Merged tab feature in latest Google chrome ???

  • You need to root your device to continue, if you don’t want to root your device then leave this post. Otherwise proceed further.
  • After rooting your device install Xposed Framework on your mobile.
  • Now install “XposedEnableMergedTabs” module.
  • Open Xposed Installer and goto “Modules” settings.
  • Inside Modules enable “XposedEnableMergedTabs” this module and restart your device.
  • First time clear cache and cookies of google chrome and done.
  • No need to configure anything.