Follow Steps Carefully :

  • Before proceeding remove all accounts from Multi/Guest User otherwise anything can be happened to your device.
  • Open Es File Manager or Root Explorer and give root permissions to it ,(I’m using Es File……. but the process is same so don’t worry and if you don’t know how to give root permissions then see the images down below)

  • Open Build.prop with text editor (if you don’t know how then see the images below and I’m using Asus Zenfone 5 a501cg so my build.prop is build.a501cg.prop ,many devices only have build.prop so don’t get confused)

  • Tap on 3 dots on the right hand-side then tap on edit.

  • Find these 2 lines:- 


  • Just add # before these two lines =


  • Now press back there’s pop like below

  • Reboot and Enjoy :-)

Note :

I’ve made a video on this so if you don’t want to read you can watch video FROM HERE

Don’t hesitate to ask any question.