10 best websites for Android app development

For Android app development we need basic knowledge about XML and core java. We can start Android application development if we know about these languages. But if you just started Android application development or you don’t know programming language then you can make simple apps online too. For online Mobile application development we don’t need any programming language. but its lacks some features like no source code and some other limitations i will discus in end of this post.


In any Software development / Mobile application development coding part is easy but most difficult part is “Logic”. We need to implement our idea for Android application development. To make this part easy you can use online tools which help us to design android app by simple drag and drop. its only for starter who just want to develop android app for fun. for example if you want to develop android app for your website/blog, then this will help you.

But if you thinking to develop Android high graphics game using online tool then this is impossible, for high graphics games to need to learn Open GL. So you can only make simple apps mostly for your website / blogs.

List of Android app development tools (websites) online :

Limitations of Android app development using online tools :

  1. No source code (means you will get only .apk file)
  2. No ads. (You can’t put your ads in these apps to earn money)

If you want to become professional in Android application development then go for Core java and start learning Android. For those you can use Android IDE like Eclipse or Android studio. But i suggest you to use Eclipse which is easier than Android studio. You can download from eclipse.org and you need to configure ADT (Android Development Kit) inside eclipse to start building apps in Eclipse. And you can download ADT from Android Developer wesite