Hello friends so you all want to earn money online from your own websites. There are many site I have told about that sites in other post. But in all these websites google adsense pay more than other sites. So I will suggest you to use google adsense ads on your website to earn। Huge amount of money. But its too hard to get approved google adsense for your website. Because of google's privacy and strictness less users get approved adsense.
So i'll guide you how you can increase chances to get approved for google adsense. 

You need to create privacy policy for your website.which describes that how you engage with your visitors. How there information is stored and is there information is private or not. if you can access there private information then you need there permissions to access there data. So create a page which describes about your privacy policies, so that visitor can read this.

how to create privacy policy for your website follow the steps

  1. first of all go to this link
  2. now click on get started button and sign up there
  3. after signup fill information about your website and select what you want in your pricing policy and click on next button
  4. after filling about your website select all privacy statement 
  5. Now create a new page in your website and paste this privacy policy in that page.
  6. Save this and display on your website and you have done.

google required privacy policy for your website to accept as a counselor ad sense account for your website by privacy policy your site is eligible for google ad sense.
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